How To Live In the Moment and Prepare For the Future
Today Is Tuesday, November 12, 2019, 1:45 am.

How To Live Better

For many, the world may seem to be falling apart… WHAT TO DO? In contemplating such things as climate collapse, near term human extinction, or or even when experiencing untold personal tragedy or grief, there can be a terrible inevitability that can wrench the gut and tear the soul. And, if one has young children, the agony can be exponentially manifold. For some, the suffering can be momentary; they simply dismiss, ignore, forget, disbelieve. Others may seek a place of peace and calm, acquiesing to that which they cannot change whilst making conscious decisions to create beautiful moments in the here and now. But, for many, deep within the recesses of their conscious and subconcious, there can foment unresolved grief, bitterness, loss and rage that can gnaw at their every waking moment, subtracting from the life they have left. ~~~ Actionable steps always seem to offer a sense of control and purpose that can give us peace, even joy. I wrote the below for myself, for loved ones; well, that should likely include all of us… but perhaps especially for those who suffer deeply because they care so much. ~~~ First of all, live a goodly life; do be kind and good to others as well as yourself. Live moderately and modestly, finding the greatest pleasure in sharing and communing with friends, family, neighbours, all you meet. Try and be tolerant; so many are suffering so deeply within, bereft of love and understanding in their lives. Your tolerance and empathy can be a form of healing. And in healing others, you can heal yourself. And be tolerant of yourself; forgive, then improve. Improvement need never end. Stand up for what you know to be right, good and true. Be intolerant of cruelty and hurtful behaviours, speak up in defense of the innocent. Be firm in your support of that which is right and condemn that which is wrong. Speak softly, but with each word having the force of your conviction and determination behind it. Understand that love is a harmonious force; it can tame a wild beast, soothe and heal a wounded heart. It can bring together that which seems irrevocably torn apart. Love the bad as well as the good; love can free and release the dark injuries that may bind and oppress us. If you are ill, love your illness; honor it’s ability to motivate you, incite you, inform you in ways otherwise ignored. Understand it, learn of it, know it so that it can finally be released from you. Through it, your body speaks to you… listen… Fight greed, false ambitions, dark addictions; fight the insidious cravings and longings born of past hurt, neglect, abandonment, rage. These demon sensations resultant of inner turmoil will steal your heart, soul and mind, your life’s blood. Touch the face of Nature. Let it reinvigorate you. See in every blade of grass, every living thing, every precious being on Earth, its autonomous, self-actualizing wondrousness and beauty. All were once bits of a seeming stellar cloud of flittering, lifeless particles. But then, defying all human logic, came together to form life. Is there a knowingness greater than us, a power of perfect spirit and will? Many have seen the white light; each believes they touched the face of God. Believe what you will; but humbly, ask the Universe over and over for yourself; you will receive an answer. Of this, do not give up. Believe in miracles… they do happen. And when all seems lost, continue forward. Seek the light at the end of the seemingly interminable tunnel, no matter how dark. Whatever you are going through, know that “this too shall pass.” We all pass. Some sooner, some later… but those who choose goodness, kindness, compassion and the love of all else, can find heaven on Earth. We are surrounded by majesty that is mysterious and magical in beauty and scope. Every night, if we are lucky, before us sparkles the panorama of endless stars… every day, the azure skies. Existence is a puzzle; and you are the keymaster. We must use our key wisely… perhaps it is our only one.

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